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Get In The Know - InterContinental Los Angeles

Name: Laura Dobos
Department:  Pastry Chef

How long have you worked at the hotel? Just over a year!

Favorite breakfast spot in town? Huckelberry in Santa Monica! It's rustic and delicious.

What is your favorite dessert and where do you recommend our readers go for some tasty treats? I love tarts.  Bottega
Louie has fantastic tarts of all sorts: fruit, peanut, chocolate and much more.

How would you spend your ideal Sunday? Yummy brunch, followed by the beach and a nap.

What do you like most about LA? The weather.  You can go from beach to mountains in the same day. 

What do you do to relax in LA? Hike. There are so  many great local trails.

What is your favorite television show?  Modern Family.

What is your favorite movie? The Money Pit.  A real 80s classic.  My sister and I have watched it probably 200 times.

What made you want to be a pastry chef?  I always knew the kitchen was where I belonged.  When I moved to LA, I had a goal of working in a bakery.  I found a job (even though I had no experience) and I've been doing it ever since.  It brings me such joy watching people enjoy my desserts!

Best advice you can give for people at home when cooking pastries: Use a convection oven setting if you have it available.  At home, I only bake cookies in my toaster oven so they bake properly.  Normal ovens with no fan, just do not bake properly.
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