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Get In The Know - InterContinental Los Angeles

Name: Valerie Lehman
Department: Catering/Sales
How long have you worked at the hotel? I have worked here for 8 months.
What inspired you to become a wedding planner?? Early in my career all catering managers booked everything for the hotels. Nowadays each catering manager does a different market, some do corporate only or pharmaceuticals only.  When hotels started doing this I got placed in the social market and I loved it!  After 15 years of doing strictly weddings and social events I just naturally progressed into a wedding planner.
What did you learn from the Bridal Society for your certification that you did not know before? I found the course to be validating and am delighted to be certified after so many years of wedding planning.
What is the best advice you would give to anyone soon to be wed? Regarding your wedding day itself-BE PRESENT and enjoy it. Regarding your marriage-ALWAYS keep communication open.
What was your favorite moment from your own? Just before I walked down the aisle the officiant came in and said, "Wow, that husband to be of yours is one cool cucumber, he is just as calm and happy as I have ever seen anyone" This made me feel amazing it was my favorite part of my own wedding!
What is your favorite flavor of wedding cake? Banana Cream filled!
What is your favorite wedding/romance movie and why? Way too many to pick from! I love The Time Travelers Wife, Pretty Woman, Camelot and so many others and all for different reasons.  I am super mushy and a sucker for a good romance or fairy tale story.
What's the most uncommon request I've ever had for a wedding? Weddings have become so personalized and people are so creative, really anything goes and nothing really seems that bizarre any more.  I used to think animals in the ceremony or serving something like Chicken and Waffles at your wedding was a bit unique, but now...you get requests for anything and everything.