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Get In The Know - InterContinental Los Angeles

Name: Alan Esparza
Department: Front Office
How long have you worked at the hotel? I've been with the hotel for 3 months now. 
What is your favorite breakfast spot in Los Angeles? Aroma Café in Studio City! Besides having an amazing breakfast, it is frequented by many A-list celebrities that live in the area. Keep your eyes peeled! 
Where do you go to get your sweet-tooth fix?  I love coconut cupcakes, especially from Big Man Cakes in Downtown Los Angeles. Make sure to check their Facebook page before going for updates on their cupcakes-of-the-day. 
How do you spend your ideal Sunday? At the beach with my friends! Even on cooler days it's nice to just walk around the pier. 
What do you like most about LA? I love the nightlife - it's fun and dynamic, and you can always find what you're for at any hour!
What do you do to relax in LA? Like most people in LA, I enjoy hiking. It's amazing how far removed you can feel from the city by simply hiking a few minutes up Griffith Park or Runyon Canyon. 
What is your favorite show? Breaking Bad! Isn't that everyone's favorite show? 
What is your favorite movie? 300, but any action movie will do. 
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